Antisocial Blues

So, one of my best friends at work is truly talented at working with antisocial patients, and therefore has a large number on her caseload because this is a rare talent. They've actually started purposely giving her almost all patients like this because she's so good. Because she's one of my best friends at work, she is always swinging by and saying, "By the way, Mr. L needs some help from you."

Now, I am NOT gifted with antisocial people. I was abused by someone that I suspect was antisocial, though she never encountered the mental health system. So I have poor boundaries with them that I have to watch carefully. They kind of intimidate me and when they say jump it's hard for me to react appropriately instead of responding, "how high?" Even when I'm maintaining boundaries, though, antisocial people just irritate me. It's the lies that get to me. They tend to lie incessantly and badly. Not even badly as much as indifferently. They just don't care enough to come up with plausible lies. And nothing is ever their fault or responsibility. So they expect you to do everything for them instead of putting forth some personal effort. And when you don't give special service, they threaten you. They sometimes, but definitely not always, have a charming facade that immediately disappears when things stop going their way.

I'm sure I'm stereotyping antisocial people here and some are not like this, but I tend to call em like I see em.