My donation letter to the Obama campaign

This campaign cycle has been a dream come true in its way. Many excellent candidates, two front runners whom I respect and like. The Democrats? With two impressive candidates late in the race? Will Rogers is doing the snoopy dance in his grave.

We need to undo the damage the Bush administration has done. Starting with restoring friggin HABEAS CORPUS to our rule of law. Following the Geneva Conventions and the joining the world court so that we can put American war criminals behind bars. Although I can see the reluctance, since the court frowns on war profiteering and invading sovereign nations unprovoked. Lying to start a seemingly endless war. Oh wait, we won the war in Iraq four years ago, President Bush said so. There is no war against Iraq - we Americans are all culpable for a brutal military occupation blatantly torturing captives and targeting civilians.

I am glad Barack Obama is our nominee, because he has unfailingly voted against war, military occupations in Afghanistan and stealing the lives of countless civilians, both living and the dead. And Barack nearly always takes the high ground in any manner of competition.

I would like to wrap up with a request - a unity ticket with Hilary Rodham Clinton as Vice Presidential candidate. Please consider making this Democratic campaign doubly historic and doubly strong.