Eugenics Wouldn't Save Money Anyway

New Orleans, Louisiana Rep. John LaBruzzo (R-Metairie) proposed paying women on welfare $1000 to undergo tubal ligation, a not especially effective, unsafe, surgical (with attendant risks)irreversible method of sterilization. He later added that he would offer the same to men (on welfare?! we don't GIVE adult men welfare in the US, hence massive male homelessness) for vasectomies, which ARE effective, safe and reversible but also carry surgical risks. Just to make this amount clear, $1000 is less than the cost of:

a running used car without mechanical problems within 50 miles of NOLA

ONE month's rent for a 2 BR section 8 apartment in NOLA (remember, women must have at least one child already to qualify for any welfare payment, and zoning typically outlaws sharing a 1 bedroom or studio with a male child) Sorry, no deposit!

one BEDROOM's deposit and first month's rent in a 4 bedroom house in LaBruzzo'a own district of Metairie (with a girl child and wealthy owners willing to rent to the poor)

10 monthly bus passes for a mom and child in NOLA

one part time semester of community college in New Orleans

and very likely one MONTH of groceries for LaBuzzo's three person upper class family

OR - if you doubt that LaBruzzo's ALL ABOUT EUGENICS:

10 years of instantly reversible, non-sterilizing, non-hormonal and non-surgical copper IUD use - with followup gyn exams every other year (should be yearly) - oh, but wait, that wouldn't PUNISH women for being poor!


Paternal abandonment is the top cause of child poverty in the United States.

Rearing children is the top risk factor for poverty in elderly women in the United States, REGARDLESS of marital status or household income before age 65.

The United States is the only G20 nation that does not count the unpaid labor of women caring for the old, the sick or disabled and the young in its GDP. This nation was economically founded on slavery. It is perpetuated by the unpaid labor of women of all ethnicities and races.