18 Hour Graffiti

Thing One has been at work interior decorating for us again. I noticed that our printer has been written on in red eighteen hour lipstick. You know, the kind that is more or less a dye for your lips. I know it is Thing One, despite Thing Two's name being the content of the graffiti, because Thing One has a record of being devious. She has actually left notes stating, "Thing Two Did This" on some of her more creative enterprises. Sadly for her, she leaves a trail of evidence during her shady pursuits. That, and Thing Two is something of a tattler. A very happy tattler with endless opportunities to tattle because his sister is mischievous. We're hoping that these outlaw activities are an early sign of scientific genius or something, pathetic as that is. And maybe Thing Two will be an intrepid reporter. Maybe.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows of a good makeup remover that is printer safe and effective on eighteen hour lipstick, please put it in the comments. I always just let ithe lipstick wear off.


Amanda said...

I can't help you with the 18-hour lipstick removal, but I can empathise. This past weekend, my offspring (boys, ages 8 and 4) got into the art supplies I'd purchased to make the elder's diorama project for school.

Our eldest cat? Now has a lovely pink spot on his back now. His dignity is deeply offended.

There's still a large orange splotch on my carpet. I'm grateful it's on a spot I hadn't yet shampooed.

The ubiquitous "they" tell me this too shall pass. Can't prove it by me!

I'm enjoying the blog, btw -- found it through Grand Rounds. :)

Psyche said...

A cat's dignity is a terrible thing to meddle with. :)

I bought some Goo Gone and it took the lipstick right off. At least it wasn't carpet. My carpet gets stains from Crystal Lite tropical punch. They should sell that stuff for tattoos, it's practically permanent on faces as well as carpets. We had to give up our cats when our daughter developed allergies to them, so we don't have any pets now.

Thanks for the compliment! I'm so thrilled that I made Grand Rounds, I did a special interpretive Grand Rounds Dance!