True Beauty

My twins brought Mother's Day presents home from school today. This is the first time since they are in kindergarten this year. The gifts were in white lunch bags with flowers drawn on them and attached was a list of words and phrases they wrote about me.

My daughter's says "MOM: Mom love me, hug,kiss me, lic me, MOM." I am not sure if she meant like or lick by "lic", but this is a disclaimer that I do not lick my children on a regular basis. Occasionally we play puppies and there is a positive history of licking involved, I admit. I have no dignity while playing. My son's says, "MOM: loves me, soft, happ, lisins, MOM." Notice the adorable use of the double p in place of a y.

Inside were cardboard picture frames with bean seeds pasted on (they are growing beans at school) and pictures of the kids in them. And chunky handmade bowls about the diameter of a pop can. They have all kinds of plans for what I am to put in these bowls, and they're so proud of their work in making them.

I have never seen works of art so beautiful to my heart.