I started this as an anonymous blog, but I haven't really written anything requiring that anonymity. So I'm putting myself out there. Rather than freeing me to post whatever I wanted, the anonymity focused my blog too narrowly and made me reluctant to write about some of the things I care about. I didn't want to risk blowing my cover. Which made my posts infrequent and cautious. That's about to change.

I'm a dedicated social worker, but there's more to me than my job. I've decided to add my voice to the fatosphere, for one thing. There are few enough of us as it is. So this is officially a fat acceptance and health at every size (HAES) blog now. And I have deeply held moral and political convictions that I would like to write about. I've expressed some of them rather indirectly as they apply to work, but that's not the same as a straightforward political post.

Thanks to those of you who have read my blog even when I was slacking, your comments have meant a lot to me.