Why my doctor is a superhero. Nay, a godling!

I was nervous all morning and downright anxious by the time I got to the office. Would my usually fat friendly doctor dismiss my problem as weight when my weight has been steady?

All the worry was in vain. Dr. A was his usual thoughtful, kind self. He listened to me seriously, thought, wrote out some referrals and explained that he was having me checked for heart trouble. Oh, and he tossed in a mammogram too because I'm forty now. Yippee. :/ So I got six tubes of blood and two xrays taken today and have appointments being made for me for the other tests. His description of the stress test relieved me somewhat because he said all they do is get your heart beating at a high rate and then you're done. He also said he had one and it was hard for him and everybody else he knew.

And then he said things no doctor has ever said before as far as I can tell from personal experience, media and the fatosphere.

"Weight is only a very minor risk factor for heart disease."

"Overweight people know they're overweight, why should I harp on it?"

" I only really address it with people when they are in immediate danger of dying. And there is only one disease that's true of, fatty liver disease."

"When I was just out of medical school I practiced with a doctor who didn't treat overweight people for their problems. He just said, 'You're fat. Lose weight.' That was so wrong."

So he officially No Ordinary Mortal. :)