A Letter to a Local DanceYoga Studio

I was at the point of signing up my twins for the next available kids
yoga dance class. Fortunately, I looked at the general class calendar
and noted your hostility toward fat people before I made that mistake.
The suggestion that the point of exercise is to get rid of that "jelly
belly" or "lose that belly by belly dancing" rather than to increase
fitness is disturbing. You have assured me through your class
descriptions that my daughter would not be welcome in your classes.

Current nutrition and fitness research includes an approach known as
Health At Every Size (HAES). You might want to look into it if you
don't want to alienate potential customers.

Mary -------


Rebecca said...

Great letter.

Rachel said...

Did you ever get a response to this?

Mary said...

Thanks, Rebecca!

Rachel, I did get a very defensive and shocked reply where I was accused of all sorts of things that I hadn't said.