Interview News

When I called to schedule this morning, they wanted me to come in TODAY! So I explained to my boss, canceled appointments and rushed home to get ready. I'm VERY glad I got all my shopping done yesterday! I put on my new dress, pearl necklace and dress shoes, dug my purse up from the depths of the coat closet and had time for a hair style before the meeting. I'm TERRIBLE at doing my hair, and they stylist even made it look a little "fallen" as if I'd done it this morning. *grin*

The interview itself started with a case study, which fortunately for me was mental health based. Having actual social work experience was very useful for that little challenge! Then they took me to a big table in the back and I sat there alone wondering if ten people were really going to interview me. It was festive though, there were two bunches of balloons and an empty punch bowl, looked like they were going to have a party and lent a congenial atmosphere to the department.

The head of admissions came and introduced herself and said, "I'm taking you to a little room where we're going to put you on the hot spot." In fact, the interviewers were challenging but supportive. They listened carefully without interrupting and asked follow up questions. They asked me to reconcile my desire to do research with my Cs in math, and I just told them that I know it's a weakness, and that I definitely need a research partner who is good with math, but I know this about myself. I did tell them that I have depression and it contributed to my switch from case manager to floater. I hope that doesn't disqualify me, but I don't think it will.

They transitioned from asking questions to explaining the course of study, a double masters with Public Administration and the global learning program which lets students take study trips to nations around the world. At that point they both slipped and said "when" instead of "if", with the head adding "IF" with a smile and a bit of a twinkle in her eye. They complimented me on several of my answers and said they were impressed with the passion in my social justice essay.

Overall it was a great experience and I'm glad I had no time to fret about it. I feel very good about the interview and I will be surprised if I am not accepted, which is way more confident than I've felt to this point. I'm off to buy stationary for thank you notes!