Just When You Say You Hate Something...

...it turns out not to be true!

We started the twins in swim lessons a couple of weeks ago. I got jealous because I love playing in the water and swimming. So yesterday I bought a family pass when we went swimming. And a minor miracle happened.

In the water, I can be active and play with my kids like I used to. For two hours with a few rest breaks. We played tag and monkey in the middle and raced across the all shallow pool, with me handicapped by only walking and not swimming. And it was FUN!

I love exercise under these conditions. It's mild and not aerobic, but it's a few more hours of exercise than I've been getting for months. I'm gonna use that family pass until the lifeguards get sick of seeing us. :)


Krista said...

Great to hear good news!!!

Kristen said...

We had a speaker at the hospital a few months ago who talked about how exercise in a warm-water pool is helpful to people who are suffering from pain due to fibromyalgia. While what you have probably isn't fibromyalgia, I'm glad you were able to be active. I can imagine the buoyancy of the water might help with being able to move with a lot less pain.

Dreaming again said...

Hi there. Found you through FD.
I just read through many of your posts. Relate well to most ...except, I like to exercise (I know, I'm strange) but can't because of Myasthenia Gravis and Lupus (stupid muscle and joint things ;) ..)

I have severe weight issues due to idiotic prednisone. My endocrinologist also blames a nasty eating disorder and severe restricting .. (aka fasting ) he claims my body clings to every ounce of food it gets and is now eating itself ..and turns muscle into fat or some such nonsense. Yeah, I'm doing well with that theory.

I am going back to school at the "tender" age of 43 to get my degree in psychology. Hey, in 10 years I'll still be 53 whether I go to school or not right?


Love your blog, agree with the clothing choices available to us!

Mary said...

Thanks for the support everybody!

Dreaming Again, welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliments.

I understand the going back to school jitters. I'm very impatient to see if I'm accepted into grad school or not.

Severe restricting, especially for a prolonged time, can indeed "train" your body to metabolize muscle to maintain fuel for itself. It's like your body is eating it's own muscles. I was on prednisone for my first twenty years of life and it didn't do anything to lower my setpoint, that's for sure. *sigh*