Why it's great to have 7 year olds.

I sing the twins to sleep every night. PS2boy said:

"Mama, no one sings better than you."

This has set a plan in motion to hide all vocal-inclusive music from his knowledge.

Then he can't change his mind. :)

Hellokittygirl has started singing along on The Cuckoo. She can't carry a tune in a bucket, but she LOVES to sing. Which is more important, in my book. I'm not sure if it's just her age and in a few more years she'll be able to sing on pitch. I'm definitely going to look into instruments and lessons. Everyone on DH's side can play various instruments. On my side we're all singers who are hopelessly incompetent with instruments, possibly because of the "fuck this 'learning to play' thing, I can sing it right away by ear and transpose it to my range without trying" factor. The partly bitten off right index finger doesn't help much either. Surgery saved the hand, but that finger is not what it used to be. I have trouble double clicking, let alone playing a string instrument.