Thing Two takes his vitamin religiously every night. He will even remind us to give it if we forget. So far, so good. Thing One refuses vitamins, but since she mostly eats fruits and veggies I don't mind. Unfortunately, the reason Thing 2 is so biddable is that he is terrified he will get scurvy. I'm not sure where he got this idea, but I believe that Spongebob Squarepants and ghost pirates might be involved somehow. In any case, Thing 2 firmly believes that if he misses a vitamin, he will immediately come down with scurvy. He is not clear on the symptoms or treatments. He seems very sure that it is terribly painful. I cannot confirm or deny this since nobody in my family has had scurvy since the eighteenth century. I guess with all of my medical blog reading I could find out, but I'm trying to avoid the topic and just offer increasingly impatient reassurance. Okay, I admit I did use his fear to try to get him to eat any kind of plant based food at all, but he rejected the fruit idea out of hand. Thing 2 either saw through my plot or just thinks I'm lying about sailors and hardtack and limes to the rescue. He's probably spending his whole recess at kindergarten spreading rumours of scurvy to his classmates while debunking inconvenient historical facts.