Holiday Leave Reversal

Our supervisor announced that the holiday staffing level has gone back to 50% now. It turns out that the other team's supervisor had been granting half level staffing all along. So I'm glad to say it was just a mistake. This supervisor has only been in her position for two weeks, so she deserves the benefit of the doubt. I have never wanted to supervise people, even though I've done it in the past. Simple mistakes can generate so much trouble. And you can't avoid people you don't like if you're supervising them. I do clinical work with people I don't like all the time, of course. I treat child molesters and psychopaths, after all. And I'm totally willing in that clinical setting to put aside my dislike and provide the best care possible. That's not personal, and my job isn't to like people. It is to provide a steady stream of agape to them and allow them to work on their skills and self-knowledge. I suppose the same is true of a regular supervisor, I just don't like it as much.


Ed said...

Are you still going to give up your caseload now that there has been a reversal?

Psyche said...

My duties changed previous to the mix up about holiday scheduling. So I am still giving up my caseload.