So apparently it's not bright to taper down on psych meds a few weeks before Thanksgiving when your mom and one of your best friends died this year. Come all ye young ladies take warning by me, and all that. I barely made it out of bed by three today. Some of it was sleep, but lots of it was just being stuck there too scared to face life. Did I mention that depression sucks and I HATE it. In the abstract it's good because it helps me understand the people I work with a little better, it makes me able to say hey, I've been in the psych hospital too and I know how it is. Hidden fact of psych hospitals - they are meat markets. Of all the wrong places to be lookin' for love, you would think this one would be obvious. But people have a deep need for understanding and affection that transcends logical thought, I guess. And you're usually not at your most sensible while on the unit anyway. Anyway, after several decades of dealing with depression I know how to handle it, it never really gets better when I'm having it.


Kristen said...

Oh, my, I hope you feel better soon! You are right, the psych hospitals are "meat markets" so to speak, just from the 6 weeks I've worked where I have, I see that happen a lot.