Birthday Thoughts

My birthday has been great so far.

I took the day off work which is doubly fun because the last day of the month is always hectic and I end up working way late, and today I would have been stuck in pouring down rain.

I slept in til noon.

I read all my blogs.

I am having time ALL ALONE, a luxury beyond description.

While I slept, my house was cleaned for me. Getting a house cleaner has meant less money for restaurant meals or birthday gifts, but it makes daily life unbelievably better.

I have a deliriously happy life, one that I could never have dreamed could be this happy.

It's not perfect - my mom and my brother Mike and my friend Brandon aren't here to share it, but it's as good as life gets I think.

Even the rain is positive, because it's a glorious spring rain driving away the snow. As good as sunshine, it it's way.

I am blessed.


Krista said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea Chincarini said...

Lovely. Such attitude should be more widespread among people. It would make our world a much nicer place.

Avagadro said...

Congrats on the book offer, Mary. That's huge.