Social Obesity

As I was discussing addiction with respect to benzodiazepenes with Ed, I stumbled on a great truth that may lead to obesity war success. You see with opiates and benzos and nicotine there are large groups of people who can take them socially and never become addicted. In fact, addiction is very infrequent and there is evidence that some people become addicted more easily than others. And eating food is EXACTLY like abusing nicotine and opiates and benzos. We know that ostracizing people works on addictions, and obesity is simply an ADDICTION TO UNNECESSARY FOOD. Funneling billions into the war on drugs and tobacco has ended addiction in people who matter to politicians. But how can this apply to an EPIDEMIC of obesity?

The war on obesity will make everything okay by eliminating the "socially obese" who are only fat when they go dancing, have surgery or experience panic attacks. The socially obese only gain weight to fit in and be cool. Like the "weekender" cocaine user, they can cut an lean and mean figure in a power suit during the business week, while BALLOONING into fatness for relaxation and fun after work and on weekends. It's scienterrific fact that FAT IS CONTAGIOUS to people who don't live with the obese "index" person, just as influenza is contagious to friends who live across the country but not to members of the "index" person's own household.

The socially obese, like social smokers who can take or leave tobacco products, simply need to be convinced that they can stop eating permanently with the support of medical professionals. And they need motivation. Americans are far too accepting of obesity. We coddle the obese by legalizing businesses that sell them clothing that fits and even food itself. We respect their dignity by never including their faces in photographs of their shameful, disgusting bodies in the media. We protect them from embarrassment by excluding them from the public eye in the movies and especially politics. And the radical "fat acceptance" advocates aren't grateful, even when we make an exception and legitimize their view by letting them debate obesity experts like Meme Roth on national television.

Social obesity must be stopped. People who become obese to fit in need the strongest possible reminders that obesity is a TRAGIC CHOICE taken up to gain social approval. We must emphasize that eating is a choice and they can stop if they really want to, and don't fall for peer pressure to remain obese. Only hatred can improve their health.


Krista said...

Ouch! Good job- I had to read that twice (and star it). How dare I go dancing and hiking?